As a design and develop partnership that began in 2009, we select our locations and create our projects with a people-first approach – driving the development of properties that provide exceptional design and function while enhancing the local environment.

Building and managing with precision, insight and integrity.

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By managing the entire development process and having a thorough understanding of every aspect, we equally understand the building services; as we do the capital structure, Birch is able to deliver better value, higher quality and more personalised service to our clients.

We strive to deliver to world-class standards on all of our projects. Our end-to-end delivery model allows us to have complete control over the design quality and greater flexibility to respond to market requirements. The result? Projects that our customers and we are incredibly proud to be a part of.

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Victor Velkov


Having been involved in real estate and construction his entire life, Victor’s pivot into property development was inevitable. Since 2009, Victor has been delivering complex projects with skill and resourcefulness. He thrives on the challenges presented by each new project, including compliance and risk management. Victor’s favourite part of the job is the enjoyment of bringing together all stakeholders throughout the process.

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John Cunningham


John is multiple award winning designer with over 25 years experience. Major awards include national design awards for multi-residential developments. He uses his structural Engineering background combined with a knowledge of materials and finishes to produce distinctive buildings. A building should be unique, without a preconceived result. It should respond to the user’s need, to the orientation and topography, chosen construction materials, and of course overall budget. The full potential of the building can therefore be realised. It will be innovative and yet still relevant.