Building and managing with precision, insight and integrity.

Birch’s aim is to grow through intensive management of the development process. This intensive focus creates an ever-expanding knowledge base. Evolving from one project, we better develop and deliver the next project. Allowing us to create ever increasing value for all stakeholders.

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Since 2009, Birch was born from a passion for property, construction and investment. We have built a strong team of experienced consultants who we work alongside.

Unlike many development companies, Birch finds that distinctive architecture is essential to its brand. The firm is willing to spend a little more on flourishes because its partners are convinced that it will pay off in the end. Alongside this, our focus is project and risk management. Turning our vision into an exciting reality.

We communicate to all stakeholders with openness, directness and honesty. Committed to excellence, we challenge ourselves to find improved ways to create value.


As a developer and design partnership that began in 2009, we select our locations and design our projects with a people-first approach – driving the development of properties that provide exceptional design and amenities while enhancing the local environment.

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